Life Insurance


Any individual should at least consider getting a term or whole life policy. No one escapes passing away. There are a few situations where coverage can be particularly helpful, though.

Life insurance is a form of personal insurance that helps families protect their family and their finances in the event of a tragedy. The foundation of life insurance policies are “death benefits.” Death benefits are monetary distributions that are paid when an insured passes away to help provide for dependents who rely on their income, pay outstanding debts, and assist with the other financial obligations such as funeral expenses.

    Life Insurance Policies are useful for

      • Primary income earners who financially provide for their families
      • Parents who have permanently handicapped children that won’t be able to earn a living
      • Spouses who want to make sure their partner is able to afford any care they might need
      • Grandparents who want to leave a legacy by paying for grandchildren’s major expenses
      • Any individual who wants to leave a significant contribution to a cause or charity if not to a family
      • To guarantee college funding
      • To pay off the mortgage and other debts
      • Estate planning, final expenses, tax liabilities and charitable bequests
    We will offer you personal advice on the policy that will best suit yours and your family’s needs. We offer Term, Whole-Life, Transitional Life, Universal Life.