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“Soccer Moms”

You have a family with 2+ automobiles,
a family pet, and you are just to busy
to compare different insurance
companies which is why you need an
Independent Agent to find you the
best coverages at the best price to
protect the entire Family! Learn more

“The Golden Age”

From the Single Grad to newly married couples or couples welcoming your first child that is just starting to purchase assets like a home or automobile. You are always on the go you appreciate working with an Agent through text/email and being able to access your insurance from anywhere. Learn more

“The Empty Nest”

Your kids are gone you are still in the family home, maybe selling it moving into a condo. You are on the go on vacations or maybe just enjoying the silence! You need to make sure your Insurance is protecting you with the right coverage at home and on the road at the right price. Learn more

Small Business

You need a policy for your small-medium sized business that will cover your typical risk exposures!Learn more

Food / Beverage

You need a policy for your business that will cover your specific risk exposures at a Convenience Store or RestaurantLearn more

Contractors & Landscapers

Carpenters, electricians, excavating, landscapers, plumbers, painters and wall paper hangers – we can do it all! Learn more


We’re proudly based in Cleveland, Ohio. Ez2Insures licensed
in 10 states has 4 principles and 5 sales associates who combined,
have over 95 years of insurance, sales and management experience.
We have the experience to protect you and your business.

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